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Jeremy Keenan creates artworks using motion, sound, feedback, data, and light. He has exhibited and performed at venues like the Vienna MuseumsQuartier, the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), Monom in Berlin, CTM Festival, 4DSound in Budapest, Whitechapel Gallery, ICA, Shunt, Roundhouse, Rich Mix, and Cafe OTO in London, the Museum of Contemporary Art in A Coruña, Spain, FILE Festival in Brazil, as well as various galleries and venues in Europe, North America and the UK.


Jeremy is a co-founder of the London, UK sonic arts collective Call & Response, through which he has worked with artists like EVOL, Jacob Kirkegaard, LINE imprint, Robert Van Heumen, James Dashow, Werkdisks, Steinbrüchel, Theo Burt, Mark Fell, Mats Lindström, and Kaffe Matthews.


His current line of practice involves generative audiovisual composition, compound physical/virtual worlds, and hybrid media environments. He is interested in working with real and imaginary signals, audible and inaudible feedback, the uncanny reconfiguration of familiar tools like speakers, screens, lamps and microphones, and the communicative possibilities hidden within ubiquitous sensory media.


Jeremy has a PhD in studio composition from Goldsmiths College, London in Studio Composition and works at the Royal College of Art in London. He is of no known relation to the anthropologist of the same name.

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Polymorph II. Steel plates, conductive hair, custom Ai models, 3D animation, print and 2 channel sound. Cromwell Place, London, UK 2023

Polymorph I. Lights, water pumps, 3D animation, custom Ai models, print and 2 channel sound. SZN Gallery, London, UK 2023

Illusory Contours. Lasers, motors, 3D animation, dome projection and 12 channel sound. CultVR, Cardiff, UK 2022

בִּטָחוֹן, Tranquila, mami. Motors, 2D animation, perspex, sound. Ein Sof Gallery, London, UK 2022

Compound Terrains. Lasers, motors, 3D animation, and 48 channel sound. Monom, Berlin, Germany 2020

Compound Terrains. Lasers, motors, 3D animation, and 48 channel sound. Spatial Sound Institute, Budapest, Hungary 2017-2019

Scattered Rotations. Bouncing mirrorball, microphone, light, code and 13 channel sound. Call & Response, London, UK 2017

Mouth to Ear. Moving speaker, feedback, code and 13 channel sound. Call & Response, London, UK 2016

London Subterraneous. Mulitchannel sound and light installation. Call & Response, London, UK 2015

Peacock. Haptic sound installation. Kaunas Biennial, Kaunas, Lithuania 2015
Garden of Signals. Generative motion feedback study. Museum of Contemporary Art, A Coruña, Spain 2013, Sonic Arts Award, Rome, Italy 2014
​Crystal Glass Mirror Stone. Generative multichannel feedback study. Café Oto, London 2013, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, Austria 2013
Oscillations in Love and Light. Generative light and sound feedback immersion in 4 channels and sub. Titanik Gallery, Turku, Finland 2013
Dean Rodney Singers. Generative multichannel installation. Southbank, London 2012
River Lee Navigation. Fixed multichannel installation. Roundhouse, London 2012
Immaterial. Fixed multichannel installation. Bethnal Green Library, London 2012
172 Warning Bells. Generative multichannel installation. 319 Scholes Gallery, NYC 2012
I am Standing in a Field. Fixed audiovisual installation. Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge 2011
35MW. Generative sound installation. Agency Gallery, London 2011

North Sea Crossing. Fixed multichannel installation. James Taylor Gallery, London 2010
Strings. Immersive tactile/sonic installation. FILE festival, Brazil 2010, Premio Vallcellina, Italy 2010, Shunt Lounge, London, UK 2009
Tall Trees. Music for video. ICA, London, UK 2008
Attendant Materials. Audiovisual installation. Shunt Lounge, London, UK 2008
Exposing Traces.  Performance based participatory installation.Shunt Gallery, London, UK 2008
Hospitality.  Immersive sound installation. Shunt Lounge, London, UK 2007
​Hot Licks. Mobile sound installation. Shoreditch Festival, London, UK 2007
Well. AudioVisual piece. Boston Cyberarts festival, Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2007
Telescope: In My Tight Socks, A Sky and Transparent Moon in Constant Eclipse. Performance sound track. The Green Room, Manchester, UK 2007
Animate Objects. Installation prototype demonstration. Foldback Festival, London, UK 2007
From Honey to Ashes. Improvised music. Shunt Gallery, London UK 2007, Sonic Arts Network Expo, Plymouth, UK 2007, SARC, Belfast, UK 2013
Cerberus Carnis Rex. Multichannel sound piece. Rich Mix, London, UK 2006
Upside Down Umbrella. The Maker Faire, San Mateo, California, USA 2006

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